Find the song BORN TO LIVE FOREVER by Daddy Kid.

“Project power in the vibe. It’s by chance we spring to life. Sunlight heat may have us fall.” Therefore, value every Triller.


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The idea of energy. The idea of eternity. The idea of many faiths forecasting an eternal life. I believe we are all Born To Live Forever. I believe we all find our way to fit into life’s story. I believe everyone has a Daddy. That was learned from the Daddie’s Kid’s song on the Power’s of Ten album. Let’s all work together to empower those that have a dream. Let’s make dreams come true. To be a kid is to have a dream. To be a Daddy is to be a Boss Daddy of music in my case. For all those I’ve sonned along the way. Don’t give up your passion in life. Manifest, stay driven, and take your time along the way. No matter the limitation of our earthly shell. Be filled in the wisdom of a study that cared to configure truths. Where our ignorance is no longer bliss and our enlightment rescues us from a near fatal experience. Our blessings may be limited. But, live as if your Born To Live Forever. Because when you care for yourself the world will care for you as well.
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