SPEAK IN DANCE Song by Daddy Kid

Find the song SPEAK IN DANCE by Daddy Kid.

This song was inspired after a conversation with Real1 ENZO AMORE. Follow Enzo on YouTube for future music releases! If you’ve ever seen the dance I’m talking about. Let him know you’re still his fan by uploading your video of the dance on Tiktok with the Speak In Dance song.


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There are times in our life when we experience things that we supress. Daddy Kid sometimes plays the Daddy that understands. There may be times when we feel swept away. May it be the sweeping of those with intent to bring us to the desired arena of choice that stay for more than the hours of our dancing. May we find our way when others cannot relate in our losses with steady rythem. May the Speak In Dance song reach you for the verse that includes “Tables, chairs, everything.” Because I would dance on it all to remind you that you’re no less great after a moment of realness. The Money Time super hero is one thing. The human form is another. Value all the world and provide them with your greatest gift. Move to Speak In Dance and keep following the Daddy Kid movement!
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