New Daddy Kid Album In Progress

Daddy Kid drops new song on YouTube that will appear on 2020 album!

Born to Live Forever

The new song Born To Live Forever was inspired by the Songwriter Fred Rister. The lyric content offers a bridge and chorus that can catch people instantly. The lyrics aim are in attempt to inspire people to live a long life.

The recording artist Christian Sutter is Daddy Kid.

Daddy Kid Goals

The recording artist Daddy Kid was created to offer an outlet for beat music. The production of materials is independently created by Christian Sutter. The songs can be made available for artists wishing to cover them in the future. The popular recording artist Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas liked a post by Sutter. The interaction inspired the Daddy Kid song Born To Live Forever. “Don’t be afraid to dance and make it your own.” The universal network may bring you interesting things when you put yourself out there in the public eye! The goals are as follows!

Goal 1 : Work with artist in the recording industry producing their music, publishing it to digital distribution, and making relationships that can last a lifetime.

Goal 2 : Increase reach with channels like Tiktok and YouTube. Drive a larger audience into the music! Publish music videos for all the existing songs. Increase the Spotify following and prepare fans to activate in sharing links upon next album release.

Goal 3 : Continue to submit to radio stations daily! Currently 35,000 emails have been initiated to reach broadcasting professionals. Daily emails, approximately 400 a day, are sent to promote the song Want To Smash. Radio can assist in making residual income for artists. Increasing presence with the artist name can increase value in the future. Reach is the goal! Follow on iHeart Radio, Pandora, Apple Music, and Google Play Music.

Goal 4 : Create a plan for artists to view when creating features. Outline splits etc. Find the plan in the near future on while available.

Goal 5 : Build the music archieve and prepare to perform live at events. That means making great contact that’s can join the plan.

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