Win A Daddy Kid Power’s of Ten Black Hoodie

Do you want to call yourself a winner?

You can call yourself a winner by winning a Daddy Kid Power’s of Ten black hoodie.

Take a look at the post above describing how you can win the hoddie. Contestant’s don’t have to duet. All posts will have an attempt made to review and potentially be shared on the Facebook Page above. This contest includes additional songs from the Daddy Kid Two album. VSCO Girl’s also have a chance to win the Daddy Kid Power’s of Ten favorite sweatshirt. THE IMPORTANT PART IS TO USE THE SOUND FILE’S FROM THE TWO ALBUM AVAILABLE IN THE TIKTOK SEARCH!

Be creative with your choreography. Create a dance to the Tiktok Famous song by Daddy Kid.

Recording studio professional available to produce music in Daddy Kid! Produce your music videos to be seen by the pro!


Talented? Ready to step up to my microphone? Use my audio! Make up a dance! I’ll duet the best dance! #tiktokfamous #talent #talented #studio #pro

♬ Tiktok Famous – Daddy Kid

We know what one dance can do on Tiktok for a renegade. It’s time to activate and make some Tiktok’s!


Not a paid sponsorship by Tiktok.

Keeping it simple : The official rules are 100,000 likes in a video featuring audio from the Daddy Kid Two album will allow for a claim to be made to win the prize! Daddy Kid audio files must be connected to the audio wheel. Uploads must point to the appropriate song link in Tiktok’s sound file search engine.