THROWBACK TEAM Song by Daddy Kid


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Something historic was about to happen. It was the story of two young men commanding an audience of millions. Logan Paul was standing up for his little brother basically. Trash talking resulted in a professional gamers pursuit of additional boxing matches. The “Lamborgini song” (Add a c to the previous link to activate it. Rice came to the Logang and links started getting fishy. Unless it was all hype. I used peoples names in this article on the Trending Team blog.) “It was a long time ago now.” In 2020 the world is ready to squash the beef. The ultimatum to Jake Paul by Lamborgini song writer (LSW) was to take on a fighter named Gib. Forbes was with Rice. Shout out to the LET’S GO CHAMP catch phrase by the CHAMP! Congrats to both fighters and future boxers that rise to win. All we can do is suspect that the Jake Paul vs Gib fight may result in a rematch between Logan Paul and LSW. Keep following for more music!
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